How it works

SlovSEFF III can help you improving energy use or facilitate your renewable energy investment plans by guiding you through the following step-by-step process:


141216 Project cycle without notes

Includes basic information about applicant and project; click here to download

Simple project analysis to assess whether basic SlovSEFF criteria are fulfilled




Based on positive appraisal, client accepts SlovSEFF conditions by signing a Letter of Engagement


Project Assessment Report, Energy Audit, Simplified Energy Audit or Energy Performance Certificate is completed by Consultant to identify / confirm best energy / carbon saving measures


Project developer confirms that investment recommendations are understood


Bank loan is signed and disbursed


Project is implemented


Once project is completed, client requests verification and Verification Consultant verifies that project has been implemented in compliance with the Project Assessment Report

Incentive payment or Carbon Reduction Compensation is disbursed, once verification is successfully completed. Annual GHG emissions and energy savings are to be reported to SIEA for a period of 5 years after project completion via templates found here: Renewable energy, industrial and residential energy efficiency



Right of appeal

If an applicant disagrees with the decision of the Project Consultant, the following right of appeal process applies.

1st level of appeal

Within 30 days of receiving the initial decision, an appeal may be submitted by letter stating the case for reconsideration to the SlovSEFF office in Bratislava (Marián Holúbek).

2nd level of appeal

If the borrower does not agree with a negative decision at the first level of appeal, they may appeal for the second time by addressing the Project Manager in charge of SlovSEFF III, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3rd level of appeal

If the borrower does not agree with a negative decision at the second level of appeal, an appeal may be raised with the financier of the facility, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), addressing the EBRD Operation Leader, Mrs Beata Paroczai. Her decision will be final.

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